In front of the Law, the poor will be fucstraked Represented by our be-longings, hold on to the spirit of mutual nurturing of the progressive grassroots — A last action of compliment to 8a of kingland apartments as a space where the progressive grassroots have been mutually nurturing

Initiated by: vangi fong, lee chun fung, lai yi ting, chelsea cheung, tommy ho, may ip, leung yiu shing, lydia kwong, kelvin wu, fifi ng, johnny ngai, parkson yeung, lee wai yi


Participation is welcome and needed.

1) Who we are?

None of us are member of the autonomous 8a.  Since the days of the Social Movement Resource Centre (SMRC) and into the days of autonomous 8a (auto8a), we have cooperated with or have been supported by people of 8a.  We all think that, the autonomous 8a (social movement resource centre of HKFS) has been upholding the principles when the Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) established the SMRC, and we also agree with the 8 Points Cooperations consented by HKFS and auto8a in Year 2015/16.  For the pretentious consultation, non-democratic practice and the refusal of negotiation of the bureaucratic students of the last 2 years’ HKFS, their eviction of auto8a and the related communities from Flat 8A of Kingland Apartments with money, establishment and the legal system, we think that, their actions were just like how the Urban Renewal Authority would evict the neighbourhood of the old districts.  Having none concern of the networking, histories, contributions and experiments for social movements that were contained there. We are feeling, very frustrated and angry.

2) What is autonomous 8a?

For you who received this message should have your way to know about this already. Please tell your friends with your own words.  If you would like to invite your friends to participate and introduce the autonomous 8a to them, you can provide them with the following links: (we are sorry we do not have the manpower to translate the long stories into english version)

A concise history of autonomous 8a (history and now): (in Traditional Chinese)

What happened between HKFS and auto8a: (in Traditional Chinese)
to all friends who care about autonomous 8a (in English)

3) What is it about?

According to the latest information, the HKFS has instructed the Bailiff to issued the first Notice to Quit (the premises).  According to the normal practices of the law, it is suspected that the day when the Bailiff would break in, would be 12/Jun, or earlier.

We are very much disappointed with the actions of the student bureaucrates who have been directing the HKFS for the last 2 years.

In front of the Law, the poor will be fucstraked.  We know, even if you try to resist it physically with your body, this exceptional space would still not be able to escape being destroyed by those elites who believes in the establishment and the powerful.  The freedoms of Hong Kong are being narrowing down now, the Fugitive Bill will soon be passed, organisations of the social movements should be supporting each others mutually. Even if there are differences among us, suppressive acts with established powers should not be employed.  Not using the powers to resist the suppressing authorities and using it to suppress fellow peoples with different opinions, destroying the others so rushedly, would only allow the suppressing authorities to further their attacks!

Unforturnately, friends who had cooperated with or had been supported by 8a, are ordinary working peoples, and also peoples or groups being stimagtised, and it is difficult for them to be on site to protect the space when the Bailiff come and take possession of the space.  Therefore, we call on you, to participate in this action of “Representation with our Be-longings”, to express your compliments to 8a of kingland apartments as a space where the progressive grassroots have been mutually nurturing, and to show your resistance to those elites who would destroy others with no concerns on mutual support among social movements and believe in the establishment and gaining victory with powers.  Also, we sincerely call on the students, the ultimate wrong has been done, please do not allow such wrong to be repeated!

4) What are we calling on you to do?

We call on you to participate in:

  1. i) Installation action:

We will use the inside of 8a as a space for installation art, to display the autonomous spirit of the autonomous 8a.  On the other hand, it would cause difficulties for those who would take possession of it to resell it easily. For friends who are interested in this action, we could arrange a date or a few dates among ourselves, and go to 8a to setup our installations.


  1. ii) Heart-Lock making action:

You can make one or more “Heart-Lock” with something that you think could display the spirit of mutually nurturing progressive grassroots and affix it onto the iron gate of 8a with ropes or locks and let it become one of the heart-locks that is protecting 8a, to visualise our remembrance of the spirit of 8a, and this space where exquisitenesses were nurtured, and the important lessons learnt.

Friends who are interested to participate in this action, could:

  1. a) Make it yourself, and pass it on to friends of autonomous 8a or 8a commons that you know;


  1. b) On or after 8:09 p.m., 3/Jun, bring along the materials that you intended to use, to the annual “dizzidenza” action that friends of autonomous 8a have been initiating for years, at the Square of the Freedom Fighter in Tsimshatsui, and let’s make the heart-locks together.  (dizzidenza is an action, for more than a decade, in the evening of 3/Jun every year, it call on peoples to coordinate among themselves without a “main-stage” organiser, to bring along their works or feelings to express their thoughts on down-to-earth democracy, to arrive at the Square of the Freedom Fighter in Tsimshatsui, not only in remembrance of June 4th, but also to discuss, contemplate, share and learn)

31 May 2019

chinese version:


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